How to get there... from Lisbon

Known for its nightlife, food, architecture and beaches, the capital of Portugal hosted Drupal Developer Days back in 2018.

The beach experience though is very different from what you can find in Burgas though - there are great waves, but the water of the Atlantic ocean is quite cold. If you are a surfer - good, but if you prefer more traditional swimming, maybe you should find your way from Lisbon to Burgas (that's a nice bonus to attending Drupal Developer Days, of course!

By air

It's not very usual for tourists to fly from one resort to another, so there are no direct flights.

There are plenty of one stop flights, offered by:

By land transport

Lisbon is the westernmost big city on the continental Europe, making it easily the most distant possible destination from Burgas, which is close to the eastern border of Europe, but the regular routes exist!

For one, Flixbus offers direct tickets from Lisbon to Burgas.

Alternatively, you can use a combination of train and bus, arriving to Sofia in Bulgaria, or Bucharest in Romania, and then used one of the connections as described in our guide

Woot! Travel between Lisbon and Burgas will be recorded in Drupal Developer Days Guinnes book as the longest one between two host cities, and that's hard to beat :)

Our next stop? Spanish city of Seville, Drupal Developer Days host in 2017. Stay tuned!