Backend development

Designed for those engaged in Drupal development, as well as individuals involved in general backend or PHP development topics. It covers various PHP frameworks and addresses all aspects of Drupal development, spanning across different disciplines and experience levels. Whether you're working on custom code or site building, this track caters to both technical profiles and individuals curious about the inner workings of Drupal.

Decoupled & Frontend Development

Focuses on decoupled architectures and modern JavaScript frameworks, with and without Drupal, whether used in conjunction with Drupal or independently. In addition to exploring decoupled Drupal and related Drupal APIs, this track covers a wide range of frontend topics. These include fundamental subjects such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as more specific areas like Drupal theming and various frontend frameworks.

DevOps & Quality Assurance

DevOps revolves around automating repetitive tasks, optimizing the development workflow, and accelerating feedback loops. Quality Assurance (QA) centers on ensuring the reliability of the projects. This track is for the full software delivery cycle, spanning development, testing, release workflows, and gathering feedback through tools that facilitate the overall process.

Innovation & The future

This is where the future of Drupal projects is shaped. This is the place to discuss exciting new features and possibilities to explore for Drupal 11+ and contribute. Is Drupal the tool for ambitious site builders? What role does it play in the future of web development? While typical tracks and sessions concentrate on the current and near-term future, this track is specifically dedicated to emerging or forthcoming topics. It is not only about presenting ideas and plans but also about putting questions forward and finding answers to open questions.

Project Management & Business

Tailored specifically for business owners, website product owners, agency executives, and project managers, this track is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and insights on how to maximize the potential of Drupal for business growth and ensure the punctual delivery of projects while upholding high standards. The sessions within this track will have a non-technical orientation, covering a diverse range of topics such as team diversity and the latest trends in project management.

Accessibility, User Experience & Marketing

Explore the versatile applications of Drupal in achieving your organization's digital goals, whether you are a content editor, strategist, digital marketer, UX practitioner, or designer. Delve into the effective utilization of Drupal for content creation and the design of editorial experiences, discovering its robust capabilities and latest features tailored for content management and digital marketing.

Clients & Industry Experiences

Explore a comprehensive overview of Drupal case studies presented by industry experts and their clients in this featured track. Discover how Drupal can seamlessly adjust to diverse projects, regardless of their scope or industry. Draw inspiration from your colleagues, foster knowledge exchange, and encourage learning by openly sharing both your triumphs and setbacks.

Open Web & Community

The track covers the importance of being human in the digital landscape of Drupal and the Open Source Community. Discussions within this track revolve around building a strong community, fostering a sense of contribution, and promoting diversity and inclusion. Topics include strategies for maintaining workplace well-being and enhancing productivity within teams and communities. Additionally, it addresses the broader concept of the Open Web, emphasizing its significance in the context of Drupal's community-driven ethos. Explore how these themes intertwine to create a dynamic and inclusive Drupal experience.