How to get there... from Cluj Napoca

Cluj Napoca, or simply Cluj, was the host of Drupal Developer Days in 2019, before Ghent

Unofficial capital of Transylvania, this wonderful city speaks 2 languages (Romanian and Hungarian) ans is about the same size as Burgas - 286 thousand compared to 277 or Burgas.

It's also a bit distant from the big cities and major routes, making it more difficult to approach.  But this won't stop us, of course :)

So, how can we get from Cluj to Burgas?


For my colleagues, the most convenient way to get to Drupal Developer Days in Cluj was by car, so the same would work in the opposite direction.

Follow route E78 to the South to the ring road around Bucharest, then take the exit towards Bulgarian border (E81) and then further to South by routes 6, 2 and 7 when in Bulgaria


Public transport to Bucharest

There are no direct public transport options from Cluj to Burgas, so the first step is to get to the capital of Romania - Bucharest, which is only 75 kilometers from Romania-Bulgaria border.

There are regular train and bus routes several times a day between Cluj and Bucharest

Public transport from Bucharest

There are daily direct buses going from Bucharest to Burgas.

During the summer season (14.06 to 14.10) there is a train from Bucharest to Varna departing daily at 10:47 and arriving at 20:55. And from Varna you can take a direct bus to Burgas or a taxi.

By plane

There are no direct flights between Cluj Napoca and Burgas, but WizzAir offers one stop route with connection in... Tel-Aviv!

Exotic, but totally possible! (Well, that may as well be the motto for this entire post)

Did we miss something?

Can you think of more creative ways to travel from Cluj Napoca to Burgas? Write us, any feedback is appreciated

Next stop - Lisbon (Portugal), the host of Drupal Developer Days 2018